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Rob Dyrdek Cars Goes Extreme Storm Trooper in His T-Rex

As we covered earlier, Rob Dydrek has done away with the whole Murdered Out fad and he has is stepping out on a limb with his new Storm Trooper style. Talk about being creative with Rob Dyrdek Cars.
What better ride to add to the garage than a white T-Rex. The T-Rex is a crazy little sports-car motorcycle like street legal machine and not only is Rob's T-Rex white, it completely looks like a Storm Trooper's head.
Check out these fresh pics of Rob Dyrdek's T-Rex and Rob Dyrdek Cars.

 Here is Rob's T-Rex parked inside the Fantasy Factory (aka Rob's new office)!
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Rob Dyrdek Cars are very distinct. While he used to do matte black murdered out cars, he now seems to be more into having his cars all white. Rob Dyrdek cars also seem to be extremely unique. From their matte paint jobs to having racing stripes with his companies logos, Rob Dyrdek cars have their own unique flair.

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